FIDIVI is, first and foremost, a company based on people.

We are truly aware of the fact that most of our success resides in our workers’ know-how.
Working with us is a team of people who for many years have brought to the production plant the love for what they produce and for the materials and technologies involved.
This passion is reflected and visible in each one of FIDIVI’s products!

The milestones of our company are: the great deal of attention we dedicate to every possible need of our customers, the love for new technologies and all-around innovation and, of course, the passion for our fabrics.

Each one of our fabrics is manufactured only after extensive, accurate and careful research carried out in order to find the best yarns, colours, weaving techniques and materials, considering the individual article and its use.

FIDIVI is a company with a beating heart and this heart of course beats for the people that are part of this company and for the fabrics that they are able to produce, but it also beats for nature and for the environment.

We are aware of the many issues linked to industrial pollution and that’s why we are really proud of our green philosophy and of our strong connection with the environment.

Our technicians and designers are constantly engaged in developing eco-friendly articles and our internal production processes have a very minimal impact on the environment, since we produce using 100% GREEN ENERGY.

FIDIVI means LOVE for people, SENSITIVITY for the environment and PASSION for fabrics.

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FIDIVI - Tessitura Vergnano S.p.A. (single shareholder)
Production of technical fabrics

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