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FIDIVI studies and develops high-performance fabrics that can also be stain repellent and bacteriostatic, because the office world evolves constantly.

Our office catalogue is well articulated in a wide range of different offers: from the most high-performance ones, to articles that instead have a more natural look and touch, depending on the needs of our customers, who may seek to recreate, also in the workplace, the comfort of the domestic environment.

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Our wide range of articles doesn’t limit itself to technical fabrics devoted to the office world, but also offers many articles for the contract sector.

This family of articles is perfect for the upholstery of sofas, small armchairs or poufs and will confer a warm and sophisticated look to all of these components.

This family of articles distinguishes itself not only for its look, but also because these kinds of fabrics are very suitable for maintenance and very wear-resistant, making them perfectly resistant for daily use.

They are also extremely safe fabrics, since they are fire-resistant and have passed all the FR tests, obtaining the Certifications.

They are also very durable fabrics, since they resist visible light and UV rays.

They are unique fabrics because, even though they have all this technical performance, they also distinguish themselves for their beautiful and sophisticated look.

For the Contract sector, as well as for all other industries, we are able to offer a wide range of fabrics that are part of our collection, but we also have the capacity to study and develop special articles, using different structures, particular colours or certain finishing processes that may not already be present in FIDIVI’s collection.


Our TREVIRA CS fabrics are IMO certified and confer the maximum protection and safety as well as all the technical performance required by the Transport sector, both for sea and land transport.

Cruise ships, trains, buses and all the means of transport that may need a guarantee of safety, usually choose our fabrics because they are intrinsically fire-resistant.

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FIDIVI offers a wide range of fabrics, ideal for hotels and for accommodation facilities in general.

Our fabrics are perfectly suitable for this sector, since they present high performance for all that concerns wear-resistance and safety, but they are also beautiful when it comes to their look and comfortable when it comes to their use as well as being pleasing to the touch.

Theatres and Cinemas

Theatres and cinemas are two of the main sectors of application for FIDIVI’s products.

Our fabrics are extremely wear-resistant and they have all the required FR certifications, thanks to the use of the TREVIRA CS yarn, which confers them intrinsic fire-resistance, with no need for any additional treatments.

Their refined and sophisticated look and their soft touch also makes them extremely comfortable, and this is why they represent the perfect choice for sectors such as the Leisure industry, that has to ensure the enjoyability of their spaces and, at the same time, also their safety for a large number of people.

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