Environment and sustainability

Our environmental policy

As always, FIDIVI is engaged in actuating a company policy directed toward safeguarding the environment, both within its own premises and with the Partners it works with.

Safeguarding the environment and a continual search for eco-compatible solutions have a priority role for our company that over the years has always designed its textiles with a respect for nature.

Furthermore, it has organised a management system for internal waste, planned improvements in energy consumption, selected suppliers and raw materials that meet Italian and European standards and realised a photovoltaic system that bringing costs deriving from electric power consumption to zero.

Operating along these lines FIDIVI has been able to also involve its suppliers in initiatives to safeguard the environment, encouraging them to find solutions always taking care to limit environmental impact, for example in dyeing and finishing, where eco-compatibility has always been considered difficult. Starting from the separated collection of waste in the offices and processing departments, FIDIVI has identified final users to purchase processing scrap, and as a result weaving waste, cardboard, plastic, nylon for packaging, metal and glass, appropriately separated, are recycled in other industrial processes.

With our leading yarn supplier TREVIRA CS, we have perfected a system to reuse all the boxes containing the cones, so that these perform dozens of movements before being replaced and in turn recycled.

Periodical in-house meetings are held to sensitise all the employees regarding observance of environmental regulations, and to encourage them to avoid waste, such as excessive consumption of water, light and gas.

At present our company is occupied in perfecting articles that use yarns which in turn are result of productions obtained from recycled raw materials, whereas practically all the production of textiles that we manufacture can already be recycled.

The use of wadding instead of traditional rubber padding means that our combined textiles can be completely recycled with no need for them to be separated.

For this reason we deem that the management of our environment system permits us, besides attaining the targets of continual improvement we have set ourselves, to also obtain important results in terms of saving and efficiency, which are appreciated by our most attentive and loyal clientele.

In each sector, our products meet the most stringent tests required by current regulations while having a high aesthetic value.

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