Our fabrics are turning to sectors Furniture, Transportation and Luggage.

For Furnishing we mean the Contract sectors (community products, such as the hotel sector, cinemas, theaters, airports, hospitals) and the Office (chair and armchairs, open space divan, waiting sofas, curtains, curtains and drapes).

In the Transportation our products are used in cruise ships, aircraft, trains, subways, buses.

They fit on the seats, the walls, the skies and are used in the curtain. For the sectors of the Luggage, Borsetteria, and Footwear we study and make on demand exclusive and customized fabrics.


FIDIVI designs and manufactures custom fabrics for structure, color and workmanship.

Custom fabrics

Depending on the final use and requirements, we can treat our fabrics with flame retardant, hydro-repellent, stain-resistant and antibacterial treatments. The fabrics can be coated and resinated.


FIDIVI realizes fabric laminations by interposing foams of thickness and variable densities, or flame retardants foams, or films.


FIDIVI manufactures thermo-welded or electro-welded fabrics. With a thermal process, Thermoforming allows to give a desired shape to the doubled tissues.


With the use of electrodes, the Electro-welding allows us to combine different fabrics in required areas.

These processes allow us to modify fabrics permanently into specific shapes, increasing seat comfort with differentiated padded areas, and make our fabrics yet more exclusive, thanks to the three-dimensional graphics.


FIDIVI designs and manufactures the sewn confection of backrests, seats, headrests, headrest covers or any other detailed items for the furnishing, contract, office, naval and railway sectors. We use digital printing and embroidery to make every little detail exclusive.


FIDIVI boasts a vast warehouse of stocked fabrics that are always available, allowing us to meet our customers’ demands more quickly


We can send samples of our products in different colors.


FIDIVI can design and develop customized fabric presentations and catalogues to meet customer requirements.

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